The TSuper Trimmer






Through deep integration of advanced technological innovations and guided by key principles of providing comfort, convenience, reliability, and ease of use.

You have the power to do more while you spend less.




TSuper is equipped with Titanium Blades for superior durability and long-lasting performance.

It has an exposed T Wide Blades which smoothly catches and releases hair without clogging.




The Innovative hypoallergenic blades designed for bumps prevention and reduced risks of cuts.

An optimized mechanical blade movement and sharpness that cuts hair two-times faster in one stroke.




Need more flexibility with charging?

We’ve got your back.

TSUPER comes with a charging Stand and charging Cable



Comes in three designs:

Elegant Black | Champagne Red (Transparent) | Metallic Red



Advanced Lithium-ion batteries for a 30 minutes quick charge and 100 minutes of running time.



Are you ready for the power to do more?

Only £69.99