TSuper: Power to do more. Less to spend.

Introducing the new DART Trimmer T-SUPER

Specially designed hair trimmer that features an exposed T-wide titanium blade for optimal sharpness that cuts hair 2x faster in one stroke.

DART Professional UK is excited to announce the addition to its trimmer range, the T-Super Cordless Trimmer.  The new trimmer available at DART World Online store and selected stores in the UK set out to meet consumer expectations for their real grooming routine. The trimmer is designed with grooming fundamental at its centre; speed, comfort, convenience, reliability, and ease of use.

“From DART extensive research across the UK grooming market, we know that 96% of users of hair clippers and trimmers have rated control, ease-of-use, and price as top priorities,” said Mr. Oluremi Akinpelu, the Brand Executive Director. “The T-Super addresses these concerns while offering superior performance and elegance expected from all DART Professional products”.

Described as an “incredibly powerful” trimmer by the UK celebrity barber, Tom Baxter, T-Super Trimmer with a new battery technology goes the extra mile to give the consumer the “Power to do more and spend less”.

T-Super features:

  • Titanium Blades for superior durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Exposed T-Wide Blades smoothly catches and releases hair without clogging
  • Innovative hypoallergenic blades designed for bumps prevention and reduced risks of cuts
  • Optimal sharpness that cuts hair two-times faster in one stroke.
  • Advanced Lithium-ion batteries for a 30 minutes quick charge and 100 minutes of running time.
  • Two charging options: Charging stand and Cable charging giving consumers flexibility as re-charging the batteries on the go becomes as easy as charging a mobile phone.

T-Super Trimmer which is officially launching in June of 2020 have been trialed, evaluated, and rated 5 stars by consumers, professional and celebrity barbers from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, the United States, and Brazil.

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